DIMAQ is the international standard of digital marketing competence.  It defines the level of knowledge and competence required of digital marketing specialists, and serves as a tool to compare and evaluate the said knowledge and competence. DIMAQ is endorsed by IAB Europe and available in many following european countries: Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cyprus.



2000th DIMAQ Professional certificate gained!

The number of DIMAQ certificate holders in Poland is increasing at a snowball effect! In December 2019 we issued 2 000th DIMAQ Professional certificate! The lucky one who passed the exam and obtained the certificate number CP-00002000 is Kacper Wiśniewski, who was...

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#4 DIMAQuestion: Karol Myszkowski

The next person to take part in our DIMAQuestion Q&A session is Karol Myszkowski, Macroregional Sales Manager, Ringier Axel Springer Polska sp. z o.o. DIMAQuestion: What made you decide to take the exam? Karol Myszkowski: The decision was made at the...

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#3 DIMAQuestion: Magdalena Sołtan-Zabielska

The next person to take part in our DIMAQuestion Q&A session is Magdalena Sołtan-Zabielska, Client Service Managing Director at Universal McCann. DIMAQuestion: What made you decide to take the exam? M.S-Z.: A few months ago we had a reorganisation of client...

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Benefits for employers

  • a tool to verify employees’ knowledge and competence

  • facilitation of the process of recruitment and of planning of development paths for current employees

  • stimulation of employee development through a system of recertification

  • a solution to make communication between advertisers and digital marketing service providers more coherent

Benefits for employees

  • a proof of competence in the area of digital marketing

  • exclusive access to a base of knowledge about digital marketing and to discounts for participation in sector events

  • a significant asset in shaping one’s career path – each certificate is individual and assigned to one holder

  • a document that is recognized and acknowledge among marketers


Paweł Kopacki

I took part in DIMAQ certification as the first certification on our market that covered such a broad cross-section of various sectors of our industry. Involved with the industry for 10 years, I have been gaining experience in many different areas, like many of my colleagues – thanks to DIMAQ, I've had a chance to prove that I know my trade – in a 360 degree perspective. In the times of dynamic changing taking place in the area of digital economy, we need people ready to improve and prove their skills on an on-going basis. DIMAQ certification is a perfect solution to address this issue. I really recommend it.

Paweł Kopacki
Ad Product Manager, Grupa Wirtualna Polska
Jacek Szostak

DIMAQ presents the digital industry from an interdisciplinary perspective. It lets us eventually understand the needs, possibilities, and language of every area of online marketing, which translates into a more effective communication among specialists from various disciplines.

Jacek Szostak
Senior Digital Communications Coordinator, Publicis, certified DIMAQ Trainer
Włodzimierz Schmidt

The market of online marketing has been lacking a uniform standard that would let both companies looking for new partners and employers in search for new human resources or planning career paths for the existing staff learn of the competence of particular specialists. A Digital Marketing Qualification certificate, awarded by an organization representing the online industry in Poland, makes it possible to compare and evaluate the said competence. We’re glad to see the process of certification being implemented on the dynamically changing market of Poland.

Włodzimierz Schmidt
President at IAB Polska
Sławomir Skowerski

The digital industry follows its very own rules. The most important rule, however, is this – everything changes. We are constantly offered loads of new tools, new research methods, and even completely new areas to explore the possibilities of online marketing. Today it may be all about video, and tomorrow it may be the Internet of Things to steal the spotlight. That’s why it’s very important to keep up-to-date with all the latest innovation. Read, search, and be always in the know when it comes to the internet. And then verify one’s knowledge. DIMAQ certification is a great way to deal with the latter and to check one’s level of knowledge. I can recommend it anyone who’s not afraid of challenge and despite the years spent in the industry, are still hungry for thrills and ready to develop their skills. But beware! Examination questions have been developed by industry practitioners, that’s why jogging your memory by going through a list of industry-specific terminology may be not enough. But when it eventually turns out you have succeeded... satisfaction guaranteed!

Sławomir Skowerski
Senior Copywriter w GoldenSubmarine
Łukasz Załuski

I’m a journalist and an editor, so when I decided to take part in DIMAQ certification, I was interested mainly in the latest tools I could use in my communication with our readers. I quickly realized that the scope of knowledge within the notion of digital marketing was much broader than that. It’s been several weeks now since I started taking advantage of the information and skills in the area of building social networks, using mobile technology, or creating video content, putting them into practice in my everyday work. I can see that DIMAQ certification helped me understand which direction our magazine should follow to develop better.

Łukasz Załuski
Deputy Chief Editor of monthly magazine "Focus", DIMAQ holder
Artur Maciorowski

Since I’ve been running workshops and training sessions for more than 13 years, I can say that the Polish market suffered from an absence of a standard of evaluation of knowledge about e-marketing from an inclusive and, most importantly, practical perspective. DIMAQ, a standard of certification of online marketing competence, covers the whole spectrum of digital marketing areas – from defining strategies to measurement of effectiveness, including all online marketing tools and elements of law applicable to the online setting. I’m convinced that DIMAQ certificate holders are able to engage in a matter-of-fact dialogue with media houses, agencies, or online tool providers, ready to choose the best solutions in a conscious way.

Artur Maciorowski
eCode, Certified DIMAQ Trainer
Agnieszka Przewoźnik

I decided to take DIMAQ examination mainly because of its comprehensive, inclusive nature. It covers the full spectrum of areas of digital marketing, which gave me a chance not only to verify and test my level of knowledge, but also to prove myself in areas I don’t deal with in my everyday work. The interdisciplinary character of the exam is its greatest asset. DIMAQ certification is also an important element of recruitment I am involved in. It gives me an idea of candidates’ qualifications, and serves as a proof of their competence. I find it highly recommendable!

Agnieszka Przewoźnik
Co-Managing Director, Społeczności.pl


How can I get a DIMAQ certificate?
In order to get a certificate, you need to pass the examination, i.e. get a positive exam result
What do I need to know to pass the examination?

The topics and issues covered in the test are included in the syllabus – you can get it here.

It also comes with a set of sample questions.

When can I take the examination?

The current schedule of examination dates is available on our website

You can also find out more if you contact our coordinator: Ewa Opach e.opach@iab.org.pl

What’s the procedure of DIMAQ examination?
The examination is a test. It contains both single choice and multiple choice questions, and there are no open-ended questions. Each exam-taker takes the test at a computer station provided and made available by the organizer.
Where does the exam take place?
Tests are taken at IAB Polska’s seat – Warsaw, ul. Puławska 39/77. If you wish to organize an examination session for a larger group in a different place, feel welcome to contact our coordinator: Ewa Opach e.opach@iab.org.pl
How long does the examination last?
The test lasts 60 minutes. There are a few formalities to be handled before the test, and you will be asked to wait for the exam results after the exam, so please allow about 2 hours for the whole event.
When will I get to know my test result?
Test results will be made known to you a few minutes after the examination.
How much does it cost?

The current pricelist is available here.

Can I keep on taking the exam until I succeed?
If you fail the exam, you need to wait 90 days before you can take it again.
What about courses and study aids?
We offer training sessions addressed to DIMAQ exam candidates. Training participants get access to extra online materials. Learn more
How to register?
You can register for the examination individually by clicking HERE or you can make a group registration by filling in a form you can find HERE.
Will I get a pass confirmation?
After you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate with an individual number and an expiry date.
What should I bring for the examination session?
If we are to let you take the test, we need to check first if it’s really you ???? Please have your ID, your passport, or another document with your photo with you.
How much in advance should I come?
We need a moment to deal with verification procedures before we let you into the examination room, so please arrive 15 minutes in advance. We hope you won’t be alone ????
How to prolong the validity of my certificate?

Certificates are valid for 2 years, and there are 2 ways to prolong their validity:
Taking the exam again
Participation in a recertification programme, which involves collecting 100 points within 2 years. The points are awarded for participation in DIMAQ-accredited events.
The programme of recertification is based on the concept of lifelong learning, involving updating one’s knowledge on an on-going basis. That’s why IAB Polska recommends the second option as the way to prolong certificate validity.
A list of events eligible for point awards is available HERE .

Rules of recertification are described HERE.

Information about point awards is given HERE


In order to verify the authenticity of a certificate, it is necessary to give the name and the surname of a given certificate’s holder, and the number and the date of expiry of such certificate.

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