A DIMAQ BASIC international certificate proves one’s understanding of key ideas from the area of digital marketing and one’s ability to apply them in business.


50 points


For whom?

For those interested in digital marketing and willing to develop their careers, especially for:

  • business owners and managers who wish to learn how to implement effective marketing strategies by means of digital channels
  • students and graduates of different fields of study, willing to work in e-marketing – a highly dynamic industry, in constant demand for new specialists
  • marketers who assign e-marketing operations to other entities
  • sales specialists and managers who wish to take good advantage of digital marketing to generate leads
  • project managers, analysts, employees of IT, HR, and purchase departments, who are involved in digitalisation processes

Why is it worth it?

  • You get an official proof of your competence in the area of digital marketing, and thanks to the recertification system, you update and develop your knowledge on a systematic basis
  • You become a professional partner to work with in the eyes of your clients or your team
  • You join a community of thousands of DIMAQ certificate holders enjoying a range of exclusive benefits we offer them
  • You become a holder of a valuable document recognised by the industry and marketers worldwide, which is also a significant asset in the European job markets

How to get a DIMAQ Basic certificate?

You need to pass the DIMAQ BASIC examination.  It’s enough to have a broad but general knowledge of digital marketing to take the exam.

The examination:

  • consists of 80 sigle choice questions from 12 areas of digital marketing, prepared in the form of a test accessible via a special online platform
  • lasts 60, and the result is given soon after it ends
  • is considered passed if you answer at least 60 questions correctly (the pass rate is 75%)

The recertification

Bear in mind that the certificate is valid for 2 years. The certificate can be renewed by collecting 50 recertification points during its validity period.

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