Do senior managers need specialist knowledge to manage a team? Certainly, practical knowledge facilitates and improves the daily work and communication in the department, and earning the DIMAQ Professional certificate benefits not only the holder. It lets you provide the highest quality of service to your customers, as well as inspire continuous development among your employees. This is why Dominik Zuber – sales and development manager at EACTIVE agency, who talks about his adventure with DIMAQ in the next interview from the DIMAQuestion series – decided to take the exam and get the certificate.

How long have you held your DIMAQ Professional certificate and what made you decide to take the exam?

I’ve been a proud holder of a DIMAQ Professional certificate since September 2020. I prepared for the exam by participating in the DIMAQ Academy run by an industry practitioner and great specialist – Jacek Szostak. In addition to the course, it was important for me to fill the gaps in my knowledge by studying current data from reports, reading industry websites, and learning about marketing tools in detail. 

From the perspective of a sales team manager, what was the most important benefit of earning the certificate for you?

The main benefit for me is the additional specialist knowledge gained, passed on by industry practitioners with years of hands-on experience. Thanks to a better understanding of digital marketing processes, as the sales team of EACTIVE #wiemyjak,which I have the pleasure to be a part of, we can provide clients with professional marketing advice – starting as early as from the stage of sending a marketing brief to our agency. The holistic knowledge acquired during the course allows you to create effective strategies for the most demanding brands. Our potential partners, on the other hand, receive a guarantee that they get to work with professionals who have met internationally recognised standards of qualification in digital marketing.

During the preparatory course, I had a chance to meet some amazing specialists representing various industries – it gave me the opportunity to interact with directly, establish valuable relationships, and exchange insights and experiences.

What role has DIMAQ played in upskilling your team?

I’m incredibly lucky to work with super ambitious people, who are constantly growing. DIMAQ is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons. It took only 6 months after obtaining my DIMAQ qualification for one of my team members, Marcin Pytlik, to join the ranks of those who can boast having been photographed in the characteristic DIMAQ frame.

How do you think the certificate is perceived in the job market?

In my opinion, being a holder of the certificate can make advancing your career much easier. After earning the certificate myself, I was invited to participate in several recruitment processes. I believe that the demand for digital marketing professionals will grow year by year. DIMAQ is a great way to stand out in the job market – and a reasonable alternative to having your qualifications in each area of digital marketing verified and proven separately.

What direction do you plan to further your career in?

I can see my career progress in what I love doing the most, which is supporting sales teams in their pursuit of excellence. The company I work for gives me the freedom to pursue my ambitions and supports me in my growth. When I started my professional adventure in the marketing industry in 2016, I knew very little about marketing. EACTIVE made it possible for me to learn and develop in this field, and I got to work with many amazing industry experts on top of that. Advancing my skill set and expanding my knowledge gives me the opportunity to get involved in more and more interesting projects.

Dominik Zuber – sales and development manager at EACTIVE #wiemyjak. Managing sales teams for over 10 years. Involved with the marketing industry for 5 years. He sets the bar high for himself and the people he works with directly. He loves to learn as much as he loves to work. On a more personal note, a father of 7-year-old Iza, a fan of good wine, and an amateur chess player.