WANTED: an Account Executive for Client Service
COMPANY: Bluerank – Poland’s leading, multi-awarded online marketing agency specialising in SEM, web analytics, and content marketing

BLUERANK – who we really needed and why it wasn’t easy to find the right person.

It would seem that filling the position of an Account Executive in a leading agency should pose no problem. After all, it’s a great opportunity to hundreds, not say thousands, of jobseekers with customer service experience.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Recruiting for Client Service at Bluerank – from an Executive to a Key Account Manager – is always a long and painstaking process. Where’s the catch? One of the must-haves we require of applicants is the familiarity with the digital marketing industry, especially with search engine marketing, performance marketing, and web analytics.

Our recruitment records include many cases of applicants with a cool personality, experience, a record of achievements in customer service, also with big knowledge on traditional marketing, but without a sufficient, comprehensive knowledge on digital services. Sticking strictly to our standards, we couldn’t hire them until they gained the required knowledge. We gave both applicants – and ourselves – a chance, providing them with the relevant scope for self-study and arranging another meeting in a few weeks or months.

A good solution, but not a perfect one. First, it extended the duration of the recruitment process, and second, many applicants simply resigned and found employment elsewhere.

‘Battle-hardened’ in talent acquisition, we launched the process of recruitment for the position of an Account Executive in our Client Service department once again, posting the following job ad.

Who is IGOR and how to make one’s way through an ocean of applications in the digital industry.

Igor: I’ve been into digital marketing for many years, and this is the professional path I am decided to follow. I learn by myself and successively obtain further certificates available in the market, including Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I’m a person with a relatively short experience in e-marketing, and a young one on top of that. By taking part in the DIMAQ certification process, I wanted to prove that I knew a thing or two about digital, improve my CV, and increase my chances in the labour market.

The certificates I obtained before proved my familiarity with particular tools. I wanted to have a certificate that would be a comprehensive proof of my e-marketing skills.

I heard about DIMAQ before – anyone who’s into digital only a bit must have heard about it too – it’s an international certification programme that evaluates one’s competence in as many as 12 areas of digital marketing. To put it in a nutshell, it proves one’s e-marketing skills IN A COMPREHENSIVE MANNER.

And that’s what I needed! I enrolled for a training course to prepare myself to a DIMAQ Professional exam. The intensive 4-day course and my 2-year general experience with digital of the time turned out to be enough – I passed the exam and became a certified digital marketing specialist.

It was high time I saw if my new skills and my souped-up CV attracted employers. I applied to two companies based in Łódź, including Bluerank.

About the recruitment process, meaning… it’s a match!

Bluerank: As we expected, our advert drew huge interest of applicants with a broad experience in sales or marketing. But we studied the submitted applications carefully in search for someone “digital”.

Igor’s CV including the mention of the DIMAQ certificate caught our attention almost immediately. He was the first applicant with such a distinguishing feature. Over 30% of Bluerank employees have this certificate, so we knew what kind of competence to expect.

We were thrilled to invite Igor for an interview. The meeting only proved that the hopes we pinned on him were fully justified. Familiarity with digital marketing issues, hard knowledge concerning particular areas – proven with a DIMAQ certificate, plus two years of professional experience combined with soft skills on a very high level made us sure that Igor was the one we were looking for.

And so Igor joined our ranks in June 2017, supporting our operations professionally ever since.

Igor: It turned out that I hit a home run with DIMAQ in my CV. I went through the recruitment process in both of the companies I applied to easily. Both employers asked me detailed questions about my motivation behind the intention to obtain the certificate – why I decided to take up the exam, how long it took me to prepare, and what the result was.

It all went smooth from then on. I chose Bluerank – I wanted to get a job there very much. By working here I prove that DIMAQ is a highly valued certificate, which, in addition, makes it easier for me to develop professionally thanks to a system of accredited events.

And they lived happily ever after… but that’s not the end!

Our Client Service department was soon joined by Dorota. What made us choose her? Midway through the process of recruitment, Dorota enrolled for a DIMAQ-accredited programme of studies on her own initiative – to gain the relevant knowledge, pass the exam, and obtain the certificate.

In general, DIMAQ helps us shorten the process of application selection a lot, which translates into lower costs of recruitment – applicants with a certificate proving the level of skills required for a given job are invited for interviews first.

The motivation of our employees to update their knowledge on a continuous basis, inspired by the DIMAQ recertification system, is something we also value.

And one last thing – we intend to include “DIMAQ certificate” as one of the nice-to-haves in our job postings soon.

Maciej Gałecki,
CEO, Bluerank


DIMAQ is the international programme of standardization and verification of digital marketing competence available in Poland in 8 european countries: Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Cyprus. It defines the level of knowledge and competence required of digital marketing specialists, and serves as a tool to compare and evaluate the said knowledge and competence. The programme’s methodology has been developed by experts appointed by IAB Poland, under supervision of IAB Poland’s Industry Skills Council. The programme is endorsed by IAB Europe.

Bluerank: We hold the rank and level of DIMAQ examinations in high regard. Over 30% of our employees are DIMAQ certificate holders, with further employees encouraged to take the examination each following year because we know that an independent verification of the expert knowledge of our team is the best ‘letter of recommendation’ we can present to our clients.

Having a certified partner one the side of both the agency and the client makes collaboration much easier and is a guarantee of good communication. All stakeholders in the process are sure that they speak the same language and understand the main points of the issues covered.


Igor: I think that DIMAQ is a very good certificate for those who don’t run campaigns themselves, who are not specialists in a given field, but need to have an “overview of processes” in their everyday work. It is a mandatory foundation for all those working in the digital industry, because of the broad and yet not too deep range of knowledge it covers at the same time.

As for me, it is not only a precious addition to my CV, which helped me stand out in the labour market, or +100 ‘show-off’ points, but mainly a tool I can use in my further professional development.

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