Is it possible to earn a DIMAQ certificate without years of experience in the digital advertising industry? Sure! Learn how Marcin Pytlik – salesman and SEO/SEM/UX specialist at EACTIVE, who has been working in online marketing for less than a year – did it and got his Professional level certification just a month ago.  “It takes composure and consistency.” What else? For practical tips for aspiring DIMAQ certificate holders, check out the new interview from the DIMAQuestion series.   

What made you decide to take the exam?

I had been thinking about taking the DIMAQ exam at the Professional level for a long time. When I started working on my LinkedIn profile, which was when I joined the marketing industry (less than 10 months before I took the exam), I noticed that many industry professionals had this certificate. I realised that it was evidence of having the skills and competencies I was striving to learn and improve. At that stage, however, my knowledge was limited to the fundamentals of SEO/SEM marketing, and my experience included a completed Google Internet Revolutions training programme. I knew that it was far too little to say I had extensive knowledge about digital marketing, which was something I hadn’t even seen in practice back then. I made my decision when my manager passed the certification exam. He told me about his preparation, about the process of learning, and gave me the necessary push. I had the least experience with the industry among all of my colleagues. Also, I had never worked in an implementation department, so I figured that since this exam was challenging even for those who had been in the industry “technically” for years, it was impossible to pass it for someone who had started only recently and was more of a salesperson than an SEO/SEM professional. And that’s why I decided to get the certificate… And I did exactly that. 

How do you think the certificate is perceived in the job market? Do you often come across DIMAQ in your business environment?

I think there is a lot of demand for people who have the certificate. Shortly after passing the certification exam and mentioning the achievement on my LinkedIn profile (which generated a huge reach), I attracted the attention of a few people who wanted to talk about both potential collaboration and a publication or speaking at an event.

Before I took the exam, I wanted to expand my network of contacts by connecting with people who already had the certificate. I can see what positions these people hold and what amounts of knowledge they share on their social media, and trust me – it is something to be impressed with. There draw a lot of interest as “industry experts”, and I think that everyone who gets the certificate will experience first hand how quickly the market becomes interested in them and their qualifications.

What would you recommend to those who are planning to take the exam? What should they focus on in particular when preparing for it?

Consistency and composure. Consistency, because DIMAQ focuses on 12 areas of digital marketing. Unless you have to do with a few of these on a daily basis, as was in my case, it will require you to study consistently in order to sort out all the content featured in the exam syllabus. Go through the concepts and definitions carefully and try to convert them into problem questions. The exam not only tests your knowledge of the relevant definitions, but requires you to apply this knowledge to solve specific problems. Composure, on the other hand, will come in handy during the exam itself. You will have 60 minutes to answer 80 questions, which was just enough time for me to complete the test once and then review my answers. Read each question carefully twice because if you fail to notice a negative in a sentence, you may give an incorrect answer.

How did you benefit from getting the certificate? What are your plans to further your career?

For me, the certificate was a sort of a ‘crowning achievement’, a trophy for the effort I made over the year since I first started reading “digital-themed” materials. Becoming a holder of the certificate opened up further opportunities for me to develop my knowledge in the field of marketing. With my qualifications officially verified, I can appear at DIMAQ Voice events, practising my presentation skills in front of an audience of experienced professionals who can evaluate the content and the quality of my presentation. DIMAQ opens up doors that have been closed so far. Also, thanks to the recertification system, I stay up-to-date with key industry events which are my sources of the latest knowledge.

Marcin Pytlik – sales professional, passionate about lifelong learning, personal development, and investing. Involved in digital marketing for the past year as a Digital Marketing Advisor at EACTIVE #wiemyjak agency. His daily responsibilities include advising business clients on which marketing tools to choose in order to achieve specific sales and image goals. Based on these goals, he designs and builds marketing strategies in the areas of SEO/SEM/UX, using various communication channels and advertising tools. “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does”. That’s why he looks for a tailored solution for each client – to showcase their business in the most effective and financially optimal way.