The next person to take part in our DIMAQuestion Q&A session is Magdalena Sołtan-Zabielska, Client Service Managing Director at Universal McCann. DIMAQuestion: What made you decide to take the exam?

M.S-Z.: A few months ago we had a reorganisation of client service structures across all IPG Mediabrands agencies, including at Universal McCann. As a result, managers with experience with the digital sector joined the management of client service teams.

The process was a great incentive for me to take part in an internal training course preparing us to take the DIMAQ exam. It really helped me systematise my knowledge – and expand it by becoming familiar with additional areas from the digital marketing domain. We encourage all our employees to take part in the training series and take the exam. I have the pleasure to be in charge of UM’s Client Service team, which is why I decided to make an effort to get this certificate – it’s good when the example comes from the top, right? It’s worth mentioning that both UM and the entire IPG Mediabrands group are strongly engaged in the process of DIMAQ certification.

DQ: How do you think the certificate is perceived in the job market?

M.S-Z.: The certificate is surely a valuable proof of one’s competence in the area of online marketing. We can see job applicants showing a big interest in the opportunities of development in the area of online marketing. I’m positive that the process of preparation to DIMAQ certification is one of the best ways to improve one’s qualifications in this domain.

DQ: How did you benefit from obtaining the certificate? What are your current plans for your career?

M.S-Z.: By revising for the exam, I updated and organised my knowledge in the area of online marketing. This field of knowledge changes really dynamically. That’s why it’s good to realise how important it is to be “up to date” with the latest trends.

Participating in the certification programme and the exam alone provides big opportunities to expand one’s knowledge about one of the most important trends of the development of marketing in Poland and worldwide, which is essential to the practice of a manager of a contemporary media agency.