The number of DIMAQ certificate holders is growing.  The next person who answered our questions is Anna Młynarczyk

DIMAQuestion: What made you decide to take the exam?

Anna Młynarczyk: As a marketer, I know that knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing is a must nowadays, so I approached the training course and the exam as a solid foundation to expand my knowledge on the subject and to gain my first experience in this area in a professional setting.

DQ: How do you think the certificate is perceived in the job market?

A.M.: As a prestigious benchmark, and the only method of verifying knowledge in the area of digital marketing recognisable in the Polish job market.

DQ: How did you benefit from obtaining the certificate? What are your current plans for your career?

A.M.: Working so far in traditional marketing, I needed a training course that would help me go through all the areas that have to do with digital marketing, to organise and structure my knowledge on the subject. It gave me the necessary background to be a partner in talks with e.g. performance marketing agencies with which I work with in online campaigns. It also set me on the course for the areas in which I would like to further develop in order to be able to influence the desired actions of users at every stage of the decision path even more effectively.

Anna Młynarczyk – Product Manager at Sodexo Benefits&Rewards Services Polska sp. z o.o.