Let’s proceed further with our DIMAQuestion series. This time we spoke to Alicja Krzywy, Public Relations Manager Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi.

DIMAQuestion: What made you decide to take the exam?

Alicja Krzywy: I was offered an opportunity to take part in a DIMAQ training course by my superiors. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about it. I had been a public relations specialist for over ten years. I thought it was something more for marketing specialist, especially those who dealt with digital marketing in their everyday practice. During the course I found that it was a great way to supplement and systematise the knowledge I already had but hadn’t been taking advantage of it in a conscious, well-thought-out way. Taking the exam was a natural step to test and verify the level of this knowledge.

DQ: How do you think the certificate is perceived in the job market?

A.K.: We’re living in an increasingly digitalised world, and everything seems to be telling us that the future will be even more digital. I think that many employers will make sure to check if a specialist they hire is able to prove to have the right level of marketing knowledge apart from experience in their domain.

DQ: How did you benefit from obtaining the certificate? What are your current plans for your career?

A.K.: The certificate is most of all a proof of competence in the area of digital marketing. And the option to extend its validity by taking part in tailored workshops and training courses helping me update my knowledge motivates me to keep on learning.

Especially in the light of the ever-changing trends. This knowledge is really useful when planning marketing campaigns of a high communication potential, where it is very important to plan all the steps and elements accordingly and understand the various processes that may occur, and be aware of how they may affect each other.

Alicja Jabłońska-Krzywy – Public Relations Manager Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi. Working in the pharma industry for 10 years. Holding various positions in the area of communications and public relations since 2005. Responsible for designing and implementing communication strategies for Sanofi brands operating in the Consumer Healthcare sector (dietary supplements, OTC drugs, dermocosmetics) and building brand image based on adopted strategies. Her duties include also managing media relations for selected CHC brands, implementing education campaigns, and dealing with internal communication. Actively engaged in initiatives undertaken with institutions, opinion leaders, influencers.