The number of DIMAQ certificate holders in Poland is increasing at a snowball effect! In December 2019 we issued 2 000th DIMAQ Professional certificate!

The lucky one who passed the exam and obtained the certificate number CP-00002000 is Kacper Wiśniewski, who was asked about his motivation to get DIMAQ.

“In the media industry I am the “freshman” because I can only boast of several months of experience. However, cooperation with a leading player on the FMCG market has allowed me to become familiar with a wide range of activities, thanks to which I made up for the shortcomings in the years of work.

I decided to take the certificate because I like to learn new things and wanted to test my knowledge, and because most of my team has a DIMAQ certificate, so the decision was obvious.

The certificate will certainly be helpful in creating the image of being more credible, despite the young age.” – he explains.

Congrats Kacper! We wish you continued success in the field of e-marketing! 🙂

DIMAQ certificates in Poland have been issued for over 2 years, when the DIMAQ program started. Currently, the program is already available on 8 European markets: Polish, Greek, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cyprus.

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