Let’s proceed further with our DIMAQuestion series. This time we spoke to Aleksandra Bujnowska, Chief Digital Officer at Havas Media, about professional opportunities that result from being a DIMAQ certificate holder.

DIMAQuestion: What made you decide to take the exam?

Aleksandra Bujnowska: Online marketing is still a young branch of marketing. And one that constantly transforms. Knowledge contained in books published just 2-3 years ago is already outdated. This requires industry practitioners to keep on expanding their knowledge, follow trends, and verify new tools, new channels to reach consumers.

DIMAQ is the first certificate to verify the knowledge in this domain in such a comprehensive manner. As an industry practitioner with over 10 years of professional experience, I took the exam out of curiosity, to see if my experience would let me get the certificate.

DQ: How do you think the certificate is perceived in the job market?

A.B.: I’m personally involved in many recruitment processes at different levels in our organisation. The certificate is something that makes an applicant stand out, something that draws my attention. It is especially meaningful and telling in the case of people who have not too many ways to document their knowledge and experience on the basis of specific cases.

Holding the certificate means also that an applicant is committed to broadening their knowledge. I think it plays a particular part in the context of recruiting for customer service jobs because it is a proof of one’s extensive knowledge in all areas of online marketing.

DQ: How did you benefit from obtaining the certificate? What are your current plans for your career?

A.B.: Revising for the exam was a nice throwback to my time at college. The certificate has certainly helped me organise and document my knowledge. Especially taking into account the fact that as a manager I haven’t been dealing with retail media planning for quite a few years now.

Aleksandra Bujnowska, Chief Digital Officer: She has over 12 years of experience in designing online brand strategies. She was involved in launching the first specialised agency dealing with mobile marketing in Poland – Mobext – and Socialyse – an agency offering social media management services and communication strategies for brands. Her passion is integrating the real world with the digital environment, especially at the meeting of data used to make marketing communication effective. At Havas Media Group, she’s in charge of all operations and products involving taking advantage of digital media. Co-managing the Havas Media Group conference in terms of its content for 9 years. An active participant of many industry-specific conferences, a speaker at IAB Forum and the Havas Media Group conference. She’s also a juror in the Innovation Awards and Mix Awards competitions.